Recently, one of my friends messaged me and asked, Why I Chose to WRITE. Well, I don’t necessarily think that I chose writing. Instead, I chose to READ, and in that process writing chose me. The year of the pandemic was more like a blessing in disguise for me. Since we all had no option but to stay at home during the lockdown, I start developing my habit of a few things I didn’t like to do much, earlier. One of them was reading and, it did not restrict only to the books I read but found its way through news, articles, and blogs available on the internet. It didn’t start too well but I kept going slowly and steadily until it became a habit I miss, if I don’t do it anymore.

Reading offered me space to re-draft the message or learning from others, in my mind. For me, reading is a proud lifestyle choice as it became a source of imagining things in my head than watch them on TV. What I enjoyed most during this process was learning, gaining knowledge, and discovering information. The variety of topics I could access via reading and how I could find books that particularly interested me.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourselves!! – Great thought by Chanakya.

You won’t live long enough to learn everything from your own experiences. So why not choose to learn it from others who experienced it and sharing with you in the form of their writing.

How you should do it?

When I started, I looked at the bookshelves of avid readers and listened to their suggestions, I found many best-sellings stacked upon each other. It intrigued me to pick one of those and start reading. But, I failed. Not that I failed to read the book, I failed to choose the right book. I failed not once or twice but multiple times to realize that the books were never wrong and could never be as they are in the list of best-selling. However, they were not compelling enough for me to start and take my interest. When you try to educate yourself about something new, first you try to develop an interest in it and then dig deep into the content. The same is applicable to reading.

Make a checklist of titles you’ve recently read and enjoyed, then for each, categorize to which genre they belonged. It can be Fiction, Finance, Self-help, Romance, Travel, Motivational, etc. Pick up a book from the genre which might interest you based on the categories you listed. First, try to read the synopsis of the book online and see what kind of reviews it had. If it compels you to read further, you may go for the kindle version or the hard copy of it. Start small and pick a convenient slot from your daily routine to read. Do not worry about finishing it. If it is good enough to take your interest, you will find your way through it till the end. Try to switch the genre once in a while, to keep variety and interest in your readings. Again, you cannot read only one subject and promote to the next grade.

You can get there slowly and steadily. Put your efforts and they will yield tangible results. All it takes is consistency. If you make a commitment to read at least one page a day for one year you would have read 365 pages which completes an average book. Get to it now and the result will be far better than ZERO.

Keep Reading. Cheers!

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