Is it really making sense? Doesn’t it contain the words that seem to contradict each other? How can you be happy when you are dissatisfied? Well, this figure of speech might be a blunder if you take the meanings of two words individually and literally. But put it together and it works as fuel for many.

Happy: I am happy about where I stand in my life.

Dissatisfied: I can’t wait further to achieve more and better.

What do I actually mean by it?

During this pandemic, I put on a lot of weight similar to many other people out there. I was down with confidence and energy to do anything. I worked on it so hard that I could lose almost 13 kgs (28 lbs) in 4 months. So, where do I stand now? Yes, I am happy with what I have achieved. But, am I satisfied? No, absolutely not. And this dissatisfaction works as fuel for me to put more effort and achieve better fitness.

As an individual, if you are happy with where you are, be happily dissatisfied, it let you grow. Be it your personal or professional life, if you are happily dissatisfied, it let you work on the continuous progress that gives meaning to life.

What if I am only happy but not dissatisfied?

Nokia is the first brand that was in the market when we heard of the early mobile phones. For a decade, Nokia remained in the market and introduced new models of the phone every now and then. What do you think might have happened to Nokia, one of the biggest mobile phone companies when it failed? They were happy but not dissatisfied. They were happy and satisfied with the current results and sales, which restricted them to adapt and match the upcoming smartphone technology. It literally stopped them to grow more and in the year 2013, the same Nokia that was enjoying a 50% share in the market dropped to less than 5% share of the total market. It failed miserably.

Happily Dissatisfied is what is responsible for all the advancements we’ve made in the world. It’s really the only way in which progress can be achieved. It encourages you to work further on your dreams or aspirations while keeping you happy and motivated.

What if I am only dissatisfied but not happy?

This is the worst among all other situations. If you are only dissatisfied with what you have already achieved and not happy about it, it works against you. Happiness about the current situation gives you the motivation to work towards your dissatisfaction. It let you focus on the process to achieve those results. But if you are only dissatisfied, it might drop you in the pit of sadness, stress, depression, and failure.

Why it is important?

We as human beings always want more and better. In that chase, sometimes we ruin what we already have by searching for something we don’t even need. So, it is almost impossible to change our true nature of chasing more and better. But we can at least change the process to achieve it while giving value to what we already have.

Without dissatisfaction, there is no growth. But without happiness, there is no life.

Be Happily Dissatisfied!

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Featured image by SARAJ PIXNAPPER on Unsplash

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